Wedding Photography Approach

There are many different photography styles and approaches to wedding photography today. These styles can determine the story and how the photographer approaches photographing your wedding. Some of the main styles used are traditional, photo-journalistic and artistic photography.

Traditional Photography

Traditional wedding photography has been around for a long time and its a form of photography where a photographer asks you to pose for certain shots. This usually happens after the ceremony when doing group shots or shots of your family or wedding party. This type of recording of your wedding is timeless and photographers who utilize this style usually excel in portraiture and always make sure the wedding subject looks great. With this style there is a time requirement from the bride and groom to allow the photographer to set up these shots with them and their wedding party. This way the photographer can create shots that can be displayed in your wedding album.


Photojournalism is a style of photography that originated in the news industry where photographers will cover news throughout the world recording events as they took place in a story like manner. Most photo-journalistic pictures are made up of a collection of black and white images that show emotion and tell a story of an event. These pictures can be very dramatic in nature. When this style is incorporated in wedding photography they can create a sense that you were actually attending the event and can feel the emotions of the people that are captured. The photos are not posed shots and it takes timing, waiting for the right moment to capture the emotion and feelings of an individual. A good photojournalist has patience, good foresight of things to come and the ability to move in the right positions to get the shots that count.

Artistic Photography

Artistic photography consists of radical angles , unique poses, and post processing. This type of style can be considered very trendy and some think that it can be outdated in years to come but, that is a matter of personal taste. Photography like this can be limited only by the photographers imagination and creativity. Through technology you can be anywhere, do anything or be placed with anyone. Shots that have been processed can give an image an added punch and make some boring places look as if they are the place to be and people as if the moment will live on forever. We think there is always room for creativity and with a little artistic touch your pictures can look amazing.

Picture Bros. Wedding Photography Style

Picture Bros. style when it comes to wedding photography is a combination of the above styles. We don\’t limit or box ourselves into one particular style because each style has added benefits. We have a diverse client base with varying personal styles and to meet their level of quality and design we try to employ all of these styles at our weddings to give our clients a wide selection of shots that they can choose for their album and prints ordered.

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