Photography Album Process

Color Correction

Once all the photos from your event are backed up, we go through all the images to color correct and crop the photos. We do this so your wedding photography or portrait photography may have a good starting point for you to decide which pictures get the honor of gracing your album for generations to come. If you are not familiar with the term color correction, its is basically changing the color or white balance of a photo to make it more visibly pleasing. We are just changing the reds, blues and greens of the pictures to get the desired color and mood of the photo.

Gallery Preview

Once the Color Correction is finished, we will upload all of your photos to your own private viewing gallery to preview the photography from your event. Afterwards we will contact you to let you know your photos are ready for viewing and provide you with a password and link to access your photography gallery.

Picture Selection

This is the part where we get you involved. Please sign up for an account on our online gallery and save all of your favorite photos that you would like to go in your album. Please choose wisely because there is a limit on the number of photos that are placed in the album. We limit the number of photos so we can create a custom design without your album looking just like a picture book. if you would like more photos to go in your album then we can add pages to your photography album for a nominal fee.


When creating an album, every photography album that Picture Bros. creates is unique in its own way. We do not use any templates or cookie cutter designs to create an album for you because no two events are alike. When all of your favorites are selected we will load those pictures you have chosen and begin to design your album. Once the album design has been completed we will upload the finished design so that you can preview it before we send to print.


After the design has been approved we will submit your album to be printed. This process can take between 4-6 weeks depending on the labs backlog.